HEALTHY RECIPES: Traditional Indonesia, Sundanese Food

HEALTHY RECIPES: Traditional Indonesia, Sundanese Food

Sundanese food is the cuisine of Sundanese people of West Java, Indonesia. It is one of the most popular foods in Indonesia. The Sundanese food is characterize with its freshness; the famous lalapan eaten with sambal and also karedok demonstrate the Sundanese fondness for fresh raw vegetables. Unlike the rich and spicy taste, filled with coconut milk and curry of Minangkabau/padang food, the Sundanese cuisine displays the simple and clear taste; ranged from savoury salty, fresh sourness, mild sweetness, to hot and spicy. Similar to other ethnic groups in Indonesia, Sundanese people eat rice for almost every meal.

The Sundanese like to say, “If you have not eaten rice, then you have not eaten.” Rice is prepared in hundreds of different ways. However, it is simple steamed rice that serves as the centerpiece of all meals.

Next to steamed rice, the side dishes of vegetables, fish, or meat are added to provide variety of taste as well as for protein, mineral and nutrient intake. These side dishes are grilled, fried, steamed or boiled and spiced with any combination of garlic, galangal (a plant of the ginger family), turmeric, coriander, ginger, and lemon grass. The herb rich food wrapped and cooked inside banana leaf called pepes (Sundanese: pais) is popular among Sundanese people. Pepes are available in many varieties according to its ingredients; carp fish, anchovies, minced meat with eggs, mushroom, tofu or oncom. Oncom is a popular foodstuff within Sundanese cuisine, just like its counterpart, tempe, is popular among Javanese people.

Usually the food itself is not too spicy, but it is served with a very hot sauce made by grinding chili peppers and garlic together. On the coast, saltwater fish are common; in the mountains, fish tend to be either pond-raised carp or goldfish. A well-known Sundanese dish is lalapan, which consists only of raw vegetables, such as papaya leaves, cucumber, eggplant, and bitter melon.



5 long bean stalk, sliced 1/2 cm

3 pieces of cabbage, sliced rough

3 pieces of round eggplant, thinly sliced

25 grams of raw bean sprouts

1 cucumber, chopped

5 springs of lemon basil


100 grams Raw almond butter

1 tsp raw tahini

2 cloves garlic

2 fresh pieces of red chili

2 cm kencur/ aromatic galangal

3/4 teaspoon salt

25 grams of brown sugar

100 ml of water

1/2 teaspoon lemon juice


Grind the garlic, fresh chilli , kencur,salt, brown sugar, and raw almond butter ,raw tahini into smooth

Add water and kefir lime juice Add beans, cabbage, eggplant, bean sprouts, cucumber, and basil.

Mix well.