Introducing Reishi

Introducing Reishi

Reishi (a kind of mushroom) is a prized medicinal food that has been called the “elixir of eternal life” due to its powerful health benefits. Reishi has been shown to significantly boost immune system function and also contains compounds such as canthaxanthin and beta-1,3-D glucan which can help immune cells bind to tumor cells and remove them from the body.

Reishi also protects the body from radiation damage and has been shown to ease symptoms of chemotherapy such as nausea, hair loss, fever, infection, and headaches. Reishi is good for weight loss and can help a fatty liver and reduce bloating throughout the body.

Reishi is also excellent for the cardiovascular system and helps dilate the coronary artery, improve circulation in the cardiac muscle capillaries, and help correct arrhythmia. It can reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels and reduce plaque on the arterial walls which helps to prevent strokes and heart attacks.

Reishi is a vital supplement for lowering cholesterol, reducing high blood pressure, and preventing blood clots. Reishi is very good for relaxing the nervous system and bringing balance back to the body. It can help with panic attacks, anxiety, and sleep disorders including insomnia. It helps improve cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration, and focus.

Reishi contains anti-inflammatory properties meaning it is essential for those who suffer with autoimmune disorders including colitis, chron’s disease, and epstein-barr virus. Reishi also contains potent anti-viral properties and is beneficial for cold sores, shingles, chicken pox, as well as colds and flu.

It also has natural antihistamine properties and in one study, was found to be as powerful as five milligrams of hydrocortisone. Reishi contains polysaccharides called Gandoreans A, B, C that help to keep blood sugar stable and balanced which is very good for diabetes, strokes, ulcers, and hypertension.

Reishi extract powder is an excellent way to include this into your diet. It can be added to water, juice, tea, smoothies, protein shakes, soups, or veggie meals.