Jamu for You


“Chef Arif is so extremely knowledgeable about Jamu! Wow!” – Janet DeNeefe, founder and director of the Ubud Food Festival speaking after her and Chef Arif Springs’ Jamu workshop at the 2016 Ubud Food Festival.

Want to take your own health into your own hands? Now you can, with your own custom-designed, 100% chemical-free jamu recipe from one of Bali’s most renowned herbal healing experts. You’ll enjoy a confidential one-on-one consultation with Chef Arif, who’ll then design a healing and energising jamu recipe or two unique to you. Your recipes come with a whole bunch of great free extras including easy-to-make delicious healthy desserts, and a secret healing water recipe!

What is jamu? Jamu is a tasty turmeric-based tonic that lifts energy levels, boosts vitality, makes the skin and eyes glow, and fights the signs of aging. Jamu has been brewed and consumed across Indonesia for centuries. Western Medicine is now turning to the healing powers of turmeric, with over 6,000 clinical studies and peer-reviewed papers demonstrating that turmeric kills cancer cells, fights diabetes, alleviates skin conditions and scarring, and even works 400 times better than Prozac in people with depression. Synthesized turmeric compounds are being developed into pills by big pharma – but who wants more toxic medications?

Jamu for You:

For USD$29, Chef Arif will listen to your story, consult with you further if necessary, then contemplate and design a jamu recipe unique to you. He may suggest a morning, midday or evening jamu, or design a program of all three. Soon after, you’ll be able to begin healing yourself, when you receive a personalized booklet containing all the information about the particular organic ingredients Chef Arif has chosen for your jamu(s) and why they’re relevant to you, and of course, your unique recipe(s), which outline all the ingredients and techniques you’ll need in a simple, easy-to-follow way. FREE EXTRAS: Magic healing water recipe, morning and evening soothing teas, and delicious raw-vegan recipes.

He’ll even check in on you to check your progress, a month after you start your jamu program. This is your chance to work with a healer and find your own way to health, rather than visit a doctor and fill a prescription.

If you’d like more information, please email directly: Jamu For You and Chef Arif will be in touch very soon. Be sure to include a brief overview of any wellness concerns you’d like your jamu to address.

About Chef Arif Springs: Chef Arif learned about the magical healing properties of jamu – a bright orange tonic made mainly from turmeric – from his grandmother, a renowned herbal healer from West Java. Now an acclaimed rawfood and macrobiotic chef at Taksu, one of Bali’s most established wellness centers, Chef Arif has presented his Jamu For You workshop to sellout crowds at food festivals in Bali and Jakarta and works closely every day with the organic healing community of Ubud, the healthy eating capital of Bali, to continuously refine and enrich the journey that began at his grandmother’s healing hands.

Chef Arif is now available for online consultations where he will listen to your wellness concerns, then design a jamu recipe unique to you. This program is ideal for anybody who wants to take control of their wellness journey, live a happier more vital life, and do away with toxic, unreliable pharmaceuticals. Best of all, you get to make the jamu – this is a chance to quite literally take better health into your own hands.

Finally, why is turmeric, the main ingredient in jamu, so good for you?

Over the last five years, more than 6,000 clinical studies and peer-reviewed papers have concluded that turmeric is as effective, and in many cases more effective, than the synthesized pharmaceuticals and chemotherapies used to treat conditions including depression, obesity, diabetes and many cancers. Additionally, turmeric (a herb) is non-toxic when consumed at regular doses and so produces none of the unpleasant and lasting side effects that many modern medicines do.

Below is a video by nutrition specialist Dr Josh Axe and then, a very brief selection of peer-reviewed journal papers that report on the healing power of turmeric. You can click through to read the full papers in each case.

Turmeric has demonstrated valuable therapeutic potential against a variety of human cancers. It significantly inhibits cancer cell proliferation. – Journal of Cellular Biochemistry

Turmeric can promote tumor suppression through multiple mechanisms including inhibition of self-renewal capacity of cancer cells, and simultaneously increases the sensitivity of cells to chemotherapy. – Current Pharmaceutical Design

Our findings confirm that turmeric triggers a strong stress response in melanoma cells, switching off melanoma cell functions and finally driving melanoma cell death. – BioMed Central Cancer Journal

Turmeric increases the anti-breast cancer efficacy of both [most commonly used breast cancer] drugs. – Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery

Turmeric is literally 400 times more potent than Metformin (a common diabetes drug) in improving insulin sensitivity which can help reverse Type 2 Diabetes. – Biochemistry and Biophysical Research Communications

Turmeric decreases the biosynthesis of cholesterol and fatty acid and so could be a potential leading compound for future prevention of obesity and insulin resistance. – Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology

Turmeric is a natural polyphenol with beneficial effects on lipid and glucose metabolism, thereby improving insulin sensitivity to inhibited hepatic glucose production. – Journal of Lipid Research

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and neurotrophic effects, suggesting a strong potential to manage conditions associated with neurodegeneration, such as psychiatric disorders. – European Journal of Pharmacology

Clinical evidence indicates that turmeric may be used as an effective and safe therapy for treatment in patients with Mild Depression. It is as effective as Prozac but with no chemical toxicity or side effects of any kind. – Phytotherapy research

Turmeric exerts beneficial effects on cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension. It prevents the development of hypertension by regulating AT1 receptor (AT1R) expression in arteries. – Scientific reports

Turmeric exhibits anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-neoplastic properties. Ten studies noted statistically significant improvement in skin disease severity and there is early evidence that turmeric used both orally and topically, provides therapeutic benefits for skin health. – Phytotherapy research

Turmeric should be used to treat burns and heal wounds instead of conventional medications. – U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research

After turmeric treatment for 6 days, body weight and disease activity index of those with colitis was alleviated and the colonic length was also rescued. – International Immunopharmacology

Turmeric offers powerful neuroprotective effects against cell injury and protects against damage induced by many pain management medications. – Journal of Neurochemical Research

The lack of side effects with turmeric is its greatest advantage compared with all traditional steroid medications. – K.G. Medical College